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Water polo is an aquatic sport that’s played as a team: the team that scores the most goals by putting the ball past the goal line wins the match. Water polo develops agility, endurance and physical strength in the upper and lower body.

To adapt the game to all levels, MIKASA CANADA offers water polo equipment for beginners up to pro.

MIKASA CANADA markets water polo equipment that’s known for its durability.


The MIKASA CANADA range of water polo products includes:

  • Water polo accessories: rebounders sold individually;
  • Water polo balls:
    • Water polo training balls, available in different colors and in size 4 - official size for women, and #5 - official size for men;
    • Competition -ater polo balls available in sizes #3 - 14 years and under, #4 - women and #5 - men, FINA approved models available in sizes #4 and #5;
    • Splash water polo balls, exclusive to U10 tournaments available in size #2 - 10 years and under and size #1 - 8 years and under;
    • Weighted water polo balls, to work on strength and passes, available in sizes #1.5 –2 lb, #4 – 1.7 lb and #5 – 3.3 lb;
    • Promotional water polo balls from 4'' – 10 cm to 6'' – 15 cm.

To practice water polo with durable, high quality equipment at the best prices, you’ll find everything you need among the MIKASA CANADA water polo goals and balls selection.