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MIKASA CANADA offers a wide selection of soccer balls and equipment for all ages and levels of play. When choosing a suitable ball, the following elements must be taken into account: age, level of players, practice field (e.g., surface type, indoor or outdoor).

Depending on the age of your players, you’ll select from the following sizes:

  • Size #3: from kindergarten to grade 2
  • Size #4: for elementary to grade 4
  • Size #5: from grade 5 and for adults

MIKASA CANADA soccer balls and protective equipment are designed to keep pace with the evolution of players from beginner to pro. 

The MIKASA CANADA line of soccer balls includes:

  • Competitive and official match soccer balls, FIFA approuved 
  • Outdoor soccer balls;
  • AURA neon honeycomb style balls, padded envelope remaining flexible even at cold temperatures, very high visibility on snow;
  • Soccer balls made of durable rubber, ideal for the schoolyard;
  • Deluxe padded training balls;
  • MCS Orbit balls with luxury quilted outside, hand-stitched, ideal for soccer clubs;

MIKASA CANADA soccer balls will suit both young and old, for training and intensive matches at the best prices.